Winterial Pressurized Camping Shower / Portable / Solar Heated / 11L / Foot Pump Included / Pressure Shower / Beach Shower

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Shower Comfortably, Anywhere!
Have you ever intended to take the comfort and also simplicity of your home shower on the go? With the Winterial Pressurized Shower, currently you can! After a basic loading procedure and also pressurizing the shower with using the foot pump to develop pressure within the bag, you could begin to experience the constant, pressurized flow of water from the spray nozzle. This is a durable product built to last!

– Carry bag
– 11L Pressure shower
Spray nozzle
– Hose
– Foot pump

With the 11-liter ability of our bag, you ought to have the ability to navigate 5-7 minutes of steady water flow from the pressurized shower. The spray nozzle will certainly give you with a wide-spray that is excellent for washing yourself off.

Makes use of:
This item is ideal for usage as an outdoor camping shower, beach shower, animal shower, and also can also be made use of to wipe recipes or anything that calls for a constant stream of water. After a browse session, this shower is excellent for washing yourself and also wetsuit off! Once done utilizing this item, elements fit nicely into a small, aerated lugging instance. If you're searching for a portable, very easy to make use of, pressurized shower, your search ends right here! Order your own TODAY!

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