Standing Room 64 Hanging Family Cabin Camping Tent With 8.5 feet of Head Room, 2 Doors & Fast & Easy Set Up.

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NECESSITY HAVE CANOPY FRAME! FRAME NOT INCLUDED The Standing Room 64 Hanging Tent is the very best Family Cabin Camping Tent and is an outstanding sanctuary with upright wall surfaces that any person can stand straight up in. If you are high and desire a tent with headroom, this tent has 8.5 feet of head area at the facility, as well as the upright walls permit use of the full flooring area The tent as well as the gazebo come independently and also nearly any kind of 10' x10' (slant leg) canopy or gazebo with a vaulted ceiling can be made use of as a cover and also the assistance for this outdoor tents. The tent on its own includes a strong water resistant top that is covered as well as protected from rainfall as well as sun by the gazebo or 10' x10' cover outdoor tents roofing guaranteeing a weather condition proof setting. Various other functions include 2 Power Cord outlets that velcro shut in addition to four storage space bags located easily around the walls of the outdoor tents. 2 doors (Four doors on XL design) allow simple accessibility to and also from and enable two or even more camping tents to be "stacked" together. The doors and home windows all zip shut to keep rain and also bugs out, and also the outdoor tents has a bathtub design floor, so it is completely enclosed. The camping tent itself hangs from the cover by hooks at the 4 corners. It is an excellent family outdoor tents with room in the 10' X 10' model for 2 queen sized air mattresses or air beds as well as 5 sleepers. An additional wonderful attribute is the simplicity and also ease of establishing it up, to ensure that even the youngest campers can jump in as well as help and be effective. Quickly set up in under 10 minutes.MUST HAVE CANOPY FRAME! MOUNT NOT INCLUDED

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