Paha Que 12 x 12 Screen Room Custom Floor

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This custom-made flooring is created to fit with Paha Qué's 12 x 12 ScreenRoom. The floor attaches in any way four edges and also is an easy method to transform your ScreenRoom right into a camping tent. Constructed from quick-drying, sturdy water resistant fabric, the ScreenRoom 12 x 12 custom floor assists keep dirt to a minimum and can be easily gotten rid of for very easy cleaning. This light-weight flooring considers 6 pounds and also can be stored inside your screen space's lug bag. Paha Qué's 12 x 12 ScreenRoom Rainfly is additionally available individually for additional insurance coverage as well as full weatherproof performance.

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About Paha Qué
Paha Qué Wilderness Inc. is a young and also cutting-edge company that makes high-quality family camping outdoors tents. Campers like them, but when they initially see the name in print, they pause and ask yourself just how to articulate it as well as attempt to recognize its significance. You will not discover it in any kind of thesaurus and also there have been debates among linguists concerning its derivation. According to the tale behind the term, Paha Qué is the Southwest Indian variation of "Aloha." Paha Qué takes it to imply "happy paths." It could imply hey there, good-bye, exactly how are you, have a good day, as well as a lot more. Perhaps a variant on the Spanish expression Qué Pasa? The people at Paha Qué learned it from a local herdsman good friend whose grandpa learned it from neighborhood Indians. It comes down to the fact that the name is surely different, as well as suitably so since these camping tents are extremely different from common camping tents.

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