Etekcity E-gear Portable Collapsible Windproof Backpacking Gas Camping Stove (Orange)

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Take it with you
Created with traveling in mind, the Portable Windproof Butane Outdoor Stove is created of waterproof materials as well as meant to be utilized outdoors on camping journeys or other outside activities. It was built to take a beating and also to travel all over you do.

Safe and very easy to link to 2 different connector types of butane container with cooktop adaptor, the exterior range has an integrated electric spark ignition system and includes fire control. Flame control enables operators to transform in between a powerful flame and a reduced intensity fire for utmost control.

Weight: 1.04 pounds.
Nominal power: 2800W
Ignition: Electric stimulate
Measurements: 5.12" x 4.49" (when kept); 8.03" x 3.86" (when running); 11.81" gas pipe
Suitable cylinder as well as gas types: Butane/Butane-propane mix cylinder with either thread or lock adapters

Keep in mind: Please tare down heaven plastic film from the wind deflector prior to use.

Package Includes
1 x Etekcity? Portable Windproof Butane Stove
1 x Fuel Hose with fuel-canister linking valve as well as fuel flow-control handle
1 x User Guide
1 x Stove Adaptor

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