Esbit 1300-Degree Smokeless Solid Fuel Tablets for Backpacking, Camping, Emergency Prep, and Hobby

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Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets are the initial German-made strong fuel tablets. The imitations will not carry out the exact same. Available in 14-gram, 5-gram, as well as 4-gram dimensions, Esbit fuel tablet computers are virtually smokeless as well as odorless. The 14-gram tablets are ideal for backpacking, outdoor camping, as well as house and also vehicle emergency situation kits. Usage 14-gram Esbit tablet computers with Esbit stoves, makeshift camp ranges or as an alternative for alcohol in alcohol burning stoves. Esbit 14-gram solid fuel tablets shed regarding 12 mins each as well as approximately 1300 ° F (760 ° C) with each tablet able to boil 500 ml of water in regarding 8 minutes. Esbit 5-gram solid gas tablets shed approximately 7 minutes and Esbit 4-gram tablets melt approximately 5 minutes; both the 4-gram and 5-gram sizes are ideal for leisure activity applications such as Wilesco engines, steam-launch boats, as well as pastime trains. The 14-gram as well as 5-gram sizes are independently packed in water-proof packaging, providing a 10+ year shelf-life as well as making them excellent survival or emergency basics. Bonus fuel tablet computers can additionally be kept inside a stove to conserve room. All Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets operate at high elevations and also ice-cold temperatures, are smokeless and also have practically no combustion residue. Esbit strong gas tablet computers light conveniently with a continual fire, can be dispatched, and if kept completely dry, will relight when needed once again. They function equally well for the solo hiker, camper or enthusiast. Made in Germany; 2-year producer's warranty.

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